Saturday, October 1, 2011

Karma Collective 8

How and where does the author draw inspiration? This is a perennial question asked by many aspiring writers. It's a difficult question because there is no one answer. It's different for everybody. Most of my ideas, for instance, come while I am asleep. I usually wake up at 2.30 a.m. with a sentence, a paragraph or a cast of characters running through my head. For Paul Burman inspiration struck one harrowing morning in northern Greece. The problem is he is still Searching for the Story that may lie buried within a harrowing real-life event.
As a writer I spend a lot of time either sitting at the keyboard or walking around in a dreamy haze. People think I am unhappy. Truth is when I am in the middle of a project, such as I am at the moment, my waking hours go into thinking of ways to make this or that scene work, how to build that pitch, how to approach this bit of dialogue. I have one tippy toe in the real world and a foot and half in my imaginary world. It's true: most of the time I am misery guts because I am trying to jump over one hurdle or another. Some days I think I will never be happy again. In short, I am distracted. There but not really there. Then I sit at the keyboard, like I did for two days this week, and everything flows out in perfect harmony. I am blissed out and totally happy to pour out an extra-dry gin martini at five to celebrate the day. Louise Cusack knows how that feels. That's why she wrote Writers, Happy for No Reason.

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